RapidApps Services

Alpha Application Service

While this service is far from industry standard, it is our platform service. It includes facilitated workshops with customer stakeholders and a RapidApps developer. Our facilitator/Business-Analyst/Programmer interacts with the customer drawing out their requirements. Concurrently the developer captures the information in the meta-data repository and generates the related functionality. With the appropriate players in the room development proceeds as fast as the customer can provide the detailed requirements. On-the-spot development provides feedback and raises issues that might not be caught for weeks with more conventional development cycles. The result is an "Alpha Application". It is a working application with all specified data inputs and outputs to and from the data base. It requires template integration, useability enhancements as well as testing and security features. The alpha application is delivered by 10 AM the next day, given the requirements are specified by 4 PM.

Beta Application Service

Our Beta Service builds on our Alpha service, adding full flow and useability features. It is a working, user friendly, scalable application that is ready for beta deployment. The beta application can be delivered in as little as 24 hours after the alpha application.

SaaS Applications

Turn your business process into a revenue stream. Software as a Service (Saas) applications deliver value to other business by letting them access your processes and/or data. We can help you turn your software products or business process into an online application that can generate cash.

Legacy Migration

Most application developments are an evolution of an existing process. RapidApps can help you migrate existing tables, data and spreadsheets to a Web Application. Some key technologies we have include: