RapidApps Methodology

RapidApps is more than technology, it is a methodology and practice. We could not achieve next day delivery with technology alone. The RapidApps process can be applied to traditional development cycles or to incremental (eg Agile) development cycles.

At RapidApps rapid development is a practice (some would say an obsession) that we cultivate. We always look for the simplest way to accomplish our customer's goals. We remove barriers to productivity. We count lines of code and practice the three Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle.

1. Requirements Workshops

Requirements workshops are the cornerstone of the RapidApps process that delivers applications that delight customers in record time. The facilitated workshops with stakeholders capture requirements directly in a meta-data repository. Each part of the business process to be implemented, is documented. The functional requirements are captured, including:

2. Application Development

Following each Requirements Workshop we generate the described functionality as an Alpha application. Many interactions (data entry and reporting) can be generated the same day and most by the next day. Some complex interactions may require additional development.

2. Functional Review

Functional reviews of the Alpha code can be done the next day. The users can enter and store data, execute queries and generate reports.

3. Usability Review & Development

After the functional review the application is reviewed for usability and any desired changes are made to enhance the user experience. Typical improvements include more attractive page layouts, easier menus, improved work-flow, improved widgets etc.

4. Performance and Security Audit

Applications are audited for both performance and security to ensure data and system integrity, scalability, response time and require a minimum of hardware.

5. Acceptance Testing

Projects include an acceptance test plan, procedure, test and final acceptance.

Development Methodologies

RapidApps dramatically reduces the development cycle allowing alpha iterations (requirements to an alpha application) to be as short as 24 hours or as long as you like. Call it agile, or agile Next Generation, we think you will call it amazing.

Alpha Applications

We refer to our "first pass" working applications as "Alpha Apps". They are fully functional, scalable, secure and they perform well. They still require cosmetic and usability improvements to achieve full user acceptance.

Beta Applications

"Beta Apps" are fully rendered applications with an attractive layout, good work-flow and receive enthusiastic user support. They are ready for final testing and release.