About RapidApps

RapidApps' goal is to help business develop applications faster and change them more easily to service and adapt to changing business conditions. We believe that application development should not be a long or expensive process, but should deliver working systems in weeks, not months or years. We have invested in technology to help achieve that goal. Specifically we can:

  • Develop a new application from scratch in a matter of weeks
  • Develop new functionality for existing applications
  • Move existing applications to an open platform
  • Migrate Microsoft Excel applications to be web applications.

The Executive Team

President & CTO: Ian Brown

With 30 years in the software products and services business, Mr Brown brings a wealth of related experience to RapidApps. He started what would become Gallium Software, as a division in Prior Data Sciences, grew the combined product and services revenue and established �PRIOR/Gallium� as an international leader in real-time graphics tools. As VP Marketing, he had responsibility for product definition, development, sales and marketing and negotiated partnerships with Sun, Intergraph, Tektronix, IBM and others. He has also managed enterprise application development for Data General as Major Opportunities Manager and was Director of Applications R&D at Mitel. Mr. Brown founded CareerSeer.com a Lead to Win company.

General Manager: Robert Norris

Mr Norris has over twenty-five yeas of experience in consulting, product management and R&D management roles. He has a BSc in Computer Science and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. He was a Director of Product Management in Alcatel�s largest software business unit where he had product line management responsibilities for a 25M line of business, including product P&L, partnering and support services. Previously, he held roles at Newbridge Networks, CrossKeys Systems, the PSC Group and Amdahl Communications. Mr Norris is the successful founder of Straterra, a Lead To Win company, providing geological software products.


RapidApps RapidApps works with Web Designers and Systems Integrators to deliver fully deployed operational systems. We provide a competitive advantage to or partners by quickly developing the server side to meet the needs of the customer. Our strength is server-side development and we work well with partners that are strong in client-side development or configuration, deployment and maintenance.

If you are:

  • a Web Designer/Developer that is more interested in the client experience than the back end development or are
  • a Systems Integrator that needs to develop enterprise applications faster,
please contact us to explore partnering.


RapidApp is always looking for the best application development talent. Although we do not currently have posted job openings we invite web designers and developers to send us a resume.


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